Biofrontera AG is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development, sale and distribution of dermatological drugs and medical cosmetics.

The Leverkusen, Germany-based Company, which has approximately 120 employees worldwide, develops and distributes innovative products for the care, protection and treatment of the skin. Biofrontera’s combination lead product is topical prescription drug Ameluz® and medical device BF-RhodoLED® for the photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatment of superficial skin cancer and its precursors. Ameluz® has been marketed in the EU since 2012 and in the U.S. since 2016.

The Company also markets the Belixos® dermocosmetics series in the EU, which offers specialized care for damaged or diseased skin.

The Biofrontera Group consists of the parent company Biofrontera AG and five wholly owned direct subsidiaries - Biofrontera Bioscience GmbH, Biofrontera Pharma GmbH, Biofrontera Development GmbH, Biofrontera Neuroscience GmbH and Biofrontera Inc. Biofrontera Inc. has its registered office in Wakefield, MA, USA. All the other companies are based at Hemmelrather Weg 201 in 51377 Leverkusen, Germany.

The listed public limited company (AG in German) has a holding function in the group of companies and ensures the necessary financing for the Group. Biofrontera Bioscience GmbH undertakes the research and development tasks for the Group and is the holder of patents and the approval for Ameluz®. Based on a licence agreement with Biofrontera Bioscience GmbH, Biofrontera Pharma GmbH, which is also the holder of the approval for BF-RhodoLED®, is responsible for the manufacturing and also the further licensing and marketing of the Biofrontera Group’s approved products.

Biofrontera Development GmbH and Biofrontera Neuroscience GmbH were established as additional wholly owned subsidiaries of Biofrontera AG in December 2012. The purpose of both companies is to pursue the further development of pipeline products that are not part of Biofrontera's core business and therefore cannot be sufficiently financed within the framework of normal business development. The product BF-derm1, which is intended for the treatment of severe chronic urticaria, is the responsibility of Biofrontera Development GmbH, while the product BF-1, which is intended for the prophylactic treatment of migraines, is the responsibility of Biofrontera Neuroscience GmbH. By outsourcing the development projects, a structure has been created through which the financing of the further development of these two products can be separated from the normal Group financing.

Biofrontera Inc. was established in March 2015 and is used to conduct business in the USA.

In Spain Biofrontera markets its products via its own branch, Biofrontera Pharma GmbH, sucursal en España.

Biofrontera is the first German, founder-led pharmaceutical company to obtain both EU and U.S. approval for a medical drug it has developed itself. The Biofrontera Group was established in 1997 by current CEO, Prof. Dr. Hermann Lübbert, and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard).