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Company Profile

Biofrontera Group (FSE: B8F, ISIN DE0006046113) Biofrontera is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development, sale and distribution of drugs, medical devices and medical cosmetics for the care and treatment of skin diseases.

Biofrontera’s lead product is Ameluz®, a prescription drug which was initially approved and marketed in Europe and is now also approved in the U.S. in combination with its medical lamp BF-RhodoLED® for photodynamic therapy (PDT) treatment (light therapy) of mild and moderate actinic keratosis, a precursor to squamous cell carcinoma. Biofrontera is the first German pharmaceutical start-up company to obtain centralized EU and now U.S. approval for a medical device/drug it has developed itself.

The company also markets the Belixos® dermatological range of cosmetics. Belixos® products, a cream, a gel and a scalp tonic, contain combinations of active substances extracted from plants, relieve itching and redness and are used for the regenerative care of chronic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. The Belixos® Protect, a daily skincare for sun-damaged skin, complements this dermo-cosmetic line. All Belixos® products are available in Europe through Amazon.

The Biofrontera Group was established in 1997 by Prof. Dr Hermann Lübbert, the Chairman of the company's Management Board, and has its headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany.



Biofrontera at a glance

  • founded in 1997 by Prof. Dr. Hermann Lübbert, CEO of the Company
  • October 2006: listing of Biofrontera shares on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange
  • 2009: market introduction of Biofronteras cosmeceutical product Belixos®
  • 2011: EU-wide approval of Biofronteras prescription drug Ameluz®
  • 2012: Market introduction of Ameluz® in Germany, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Austria and UK,
  • 2012: Approval of PDT Lamp BF-RhodoLED® as a medical device
  • 2013: Market introduction of Ameluz® in Spain and Slovenia
  • 2014: Launch of Belixos® LIQUID and Belixos® GEL
  • 2015: Launch of Ameluz® in Belgium, self-marketing of Ameluz® in Spain
  • 2015: Launch of Belixos® PROTECT
  • 2016:  Excellent results for Ameluz® in pivotal clinical study for basal cell carcinoma
  • 2016: FDA grants approval for Ameluz®/BF-RhodoLED® in the US
  • 2016: EU-wide approval of Ameluz® for field-directed PDT
  • 2017: EMA approved Ameluz® for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma
  • Management board: Prof. Dr. Hermann Lübbert (CEO), Thomas Schaffer (CFO), Christoph Dünwald (CCO)
  • Supervisory board: Dr. Ulrich Granzer (head of supervisory board), Jürgen Baumann, Dr. Mark Reeth, Dr. John Borer, Kevin Weber, Hansjörg Plaggemars
  • Local representatives: Bipharma B.V. (The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg), Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Louis Widmer SA (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), Pelpharma Handels GmbH (Austria), Perrigo Israel Agencies Ltd. (Israel)